Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Advertise your business to 45 000 High Profile Business People in South Africa

Friday, August 19, 2011

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Advertise your business to 45 000 High Profile Clients in South Africa...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Now you too can earn advertising revenue!

Receive up to 5 Beep-Beep! Sms adz per day & earn money.

Beep-Beep! reserves 90% of the advertising revenue it collects - to reward

Beepers for receiving messages, and for telling friends and businesses about

Get others to become Beepers & you earn money from the Beep-Beep! Sms
adz they receive.


All personal enrolments on Level 1 = R1 commission
Earn .20cents enrolment commission on levels 2-5
Earn .10cents enrolment commission on levels 6-7


Level 1=7@R1=R7
Level 2=49@.20=R9.80
Level 3=343@.20=R68.60
Level 4=2,401@.20=R480.20
Level 5=16,807@.20=R3,361.40
Level 6=117,649@.10=R11,764.90
Level 7=823,543@.10=R82,354.30
Total: R98,346.20

Beep-Beep! sms adz to your own phone you earn 5cents.
From Beep-Beep! sms adz to every Beeper in your team, you will earn 1cent

If you as a Beeper manage to enroll an advertiser, you will also earn 1cent from
every sms sent for them – even for adz sent to Beepers outside your team.
Your own lucrative advertising business for a once off enrolment fee of… Only

Sponsors Number: 074 116 5213

"Results, examples and testimonials promised or contained in this
advertisement may be out of the ordinary and should not be taken to provide
guarantees with regard to the availability of work, business or activity
available, projected income or any other benefit promised or implied. There is
no guarantee whatsoever that you will achieve the results or outcomes promised
or implied in this advertisement. You are strongly urged to ascertain or obtain,
at your own cost, assistance to ascertain the probable results or outcomes based
on realistic facts and assumptions and all currently relevant and applicable

South Africa

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