Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Potential income of over R100,000(ZAR) per SMS ad x 100

Grow R10 to R60 in a year by receiving SMS Ads!!!

FREE Registration for limited time only!!!

My number is 074 116 5213 and is to be used as your introducer's cell number!

Please Note! This is only for faxed or emailed registration forms and NOT FOR SMS Registrations. If someone still wants to register via sms it will still cost them R10.

Get PAID to receive SMS ads!

Beep-Beep! R10-00 Investment!

R10 in your bank account will grow to only R10.60 after 1 year at 6% interest.


Join Beep-Beep for R10 (once off) and do nothing but receive a maximum of 5 sms adverts per day (Monday to Friday) = 100 sms adverts per month @ 5 cents
per SMS and grow your R10 to R60 in a year. (600% growth)


Get 10 of your family and friends to also join Beep-Beep! Your R10 will grow to R180 in a year.

If your 10 introductions each get 10 people to also join Beep-Beep! for 7 levels of introductions below you, your investment really starts GROWING!

You receive 1 cent for every SMS ad received by 7 levels of introductions below you! Giving you a potential income over 10,000,000 cents per SMS ad = R100,000 per SMS ad!
Multiply this with a potential of 100 SMS adz per month!


Everyone has a cellphone - so this is a great idea!


This company launches - in effect that means that the sms adverts will only start then - on 25th March 2011.

That gives me - and YOU - a chance to grow quite a sizeable team of people who will all receive sms adverts. Not only will they get paid - but so will we!


Note: Only MTN & Vodacom numbers can register by SMS
Cell C & Virgin Mobile must use the registration form to be downloaded at...
www.beep-beep.net and don't forget to use my mobile number 0741165213 as your introducer.

The SMS must be sent from your own cell phone.
Follow the SMS text structure exactly as shown below.
Do not include the ( ) brackets and spaces.
Each item to be separated by a ( , ) comma.

The SMS must be typed as follows:

Beep , (0741165213) , (your first name), (your last name) ,
(age) , (postal code) , (gender F or M)

SMS as follows:


Do NOT enter your cell number in the SMS - Your cell number is sent automatically from your cell phone when the sms is sent..
Enter the Introducer Cell number: 0741165213

Send the SMS to: 38585

Cost of SMS = R10

You will receive a SMS within a few seconds to confirm your registration.

Forward this ad with your Cell Number

Success wishes!

For more info, click the link below or copy and paste in your browser...

The cell-phone companies in South Africa are - conservatively speaking -
generating an income of more than 40 million rand PER DAY!

There are more than 16 million sms' PER DAY being sent through the three
major networks.

SMS advertising is going to become the number one advertising medium - surpassing TV, newspaper and the Internet.

Conventional advertising is ignored by more than 90% of the intended market...

However, when a persons cell phone goes Beep-Beep!
100% read their sms!

Here's your chance to get your slice of that 40 million rand per day!


The owner is putting R5,000 into the Beep-Beep! commissions account to pay the commissions for the next 2,500 members that register! (Yes, I am putting my money where my mouth is - I BELIEVE IN Beep-Beep!)

You may be asking what that means to you?

Very simply, I am saying - go out there and sign people up for...


PLEASE NOTE: This is only for faxed or emailed registration forms and NOT FOR SMS Registrations. If someone still wants to register via sms it will still cost them R10.

So, now you have no excuse! Put a smile on your bank managers face - and
make me proud.

Please sms me or email me for the application form.

Contact: Mark
Mobile: 074 116 5213

"We all have two choices: We can make a living or we can design a life."
~ Jim Rohn

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