Friday, April 8, 2011

$10 Million in FREE Ads now yours!

I just found out what a real Internet Multimillion is using to place up to $10 million in ads FREE -- and repeating this every 30 days like clockwork for himself ! !

He gets all his ads at NO COSTS because he has this "Hot List" and link sources directory he put together himself personally after a few years' testing.

It's my understanding that this "Hot List" (complete with direct links!) cost him considerably as he had to painstakingly test out each one, see which ones worked, and separate them from which ones didn't.

After about 22 months, he collected only the "CREAM OF THE CROP!"

And now that's almost exclusively what he's using -- and apparently it's paying HIM big!

One report is that he's making about $7 million a year in personal income -- thanks to just the free advertising ! !

But here's the REAL clincher!...

=> I found where he's just started selling it to others as part of a limited test to see if giving this information to others is going to hurt his business.

Rumor has it that this particular multimillionaire has an "internal" bet going on with one of his business associates and friends who claimed that the only reason this guy's directory was so good for him, was that no one else knew about it -- and that's where the bet started!

The multimillionaire said that whether he gave it away or not, that wouldn't matter because:

a) most people who ordered it wouldn't really put it to work -- but rather would just want to settle their curiosity ...

b) of those who DID apply it, it still wouldn't make enough competition to be noticed.

I heard that the bet is pretty hefty too: It's believed to be $5 million! (So if he's wrong, this multimillionaire will have to give at least $5 million bucks to his associate & buddy! -- I've NEVER heard of such a bet between two associates or friends before!)

Anyway, if you want to secure it for yourself, then just go here as this is where it is (for now, anyway):

- Mark Waite

PS ... I also heard they have a time limit on this bet as it wouldn't be fair -- even to the multimillionaire -- to just let it run unlimited.

But someone told me that after they sell perhaps just 600 copies, that's it! -- So you may want to hurry and secure this for yourself as once it's gone, no one will know for sure what these exact sources for over $10 million in FREE ads were that this multimillionaire is now using for himself ! !

HURRY ! ! ...

South Africa

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